Interdentalia Dental Treatment in Antalya

If you have no teeth in your mouth and want a fixed prosthesis, the “all on 4” implant-prosthesis technique is the best option for you.

All-On-Four Implant System;

It is a fixed prosthesis application on top of four implants.
Sometimes normal implant applications become impossible because of bone losses or sinus problems.
In these cases all-on-four system implants save the patient from using removable dentures.

In some cases, 3, 5 or 6 implants can be applied instead of 4 and then the name of the technique Is called
“all-on-3, all-on-5, or all-on-6.”

Implants are screw-shaped materials made of titanium or zirconium.
These are screwed into the slots opened in jawbones. They replace the roots and crowns of missing teeth.
It consists of two parts; one implant which represents the root, the other is the abutment,
which represents the trimmed crown of a tooth. A minor surgical procedure is required to place the implant to the bone.
After the implant is placed in the bone, a waiting period of 3 to 4 months should be passed before the application of a crown.
In some cases, crown can be placed as soon as the implant is applied.
This way, crown on top of an implant can serve aesthetically and functionally for years.
In the ‘all-on-four’ implant technique, fixed prosthesis screwed in four implants placed in the
anterior region of the upper and lower jaws, solves all the problems aesthetically and functionally.

Whether implants are made of titanium or zirconium, after the application in to the bone thanks to
osseo-integration, they function as a part of your body and become a strong and long-lasting support to your new teeth.
Another benefit of implants is that they protect the jaw bones from resorption by giving them function.
With implants you will have a younger facial appearance and a better oral health,
thus your life standard improves, creating a better and longer life.

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