Interdentalia Dental Treatment in Antalya

What is Dental Porcelain Crowns


A dental crown is a type of artificial tooth which completely surrounds a tooth or a dental implant. Whether your teeth are widely decayed, gappy, discoloured, crooked or have had large restorations previously, dental crowns are the choice of the treatment. They are used to improve both aesthetics and functions of the teeth. Since they completely surround a tooth, unlike laminate veneers, dental crowns let us perform more effective adjustments on your tooth positions. Crowns are more durable than other restoration types such as laminate veneers or composite restorations. We have our patients who are still using their dental crowns after more than 14 years.

Interdentalia Turkey, we complete the dental crowns within 1 to 4 days in our in-house dental lab which is fully equipped with latest technology 3D Designing and Milling devices. We produce the dental crowns from only the highest quality blocks that has proven themselves in years with their durability and aesthetic qualities.

We are the first private dental clinic in Antalya, serving in the same location since 2006.We are providing Hollywood smile, E-Max Zirconium Crowns Veneers, Dental implants Smile makeover services in our clinic in Antalya Turkey.

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